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Yolanda Postma

My creative path towards becoming a professional musician first intersected with yoga when my mentor and private piano coach Garth Beckett encouraged me to develop a relationship with yoga after I sustained a playing injury that temporarily handicapped my playing progress during my third year of University.

In 2017  I sustained a traumatic playing injury which triggered the growth of that piece of yoga wisdom that was planted during my University days at Wilfrid Laurier University. Practicing yoga in concentration helped transform and heal my life from both personal and physical setbacks.

As a result, I will be opening a brand new yoga studio here in London, Ontario in the fall of 2018 for private and semi-private classes. I will also continue to teach piano, music theory, and music history as a part of my piano studio.

Please feel free to email Yolanda Postma directly with any further questions. 

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