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Missed Lessons

        When a student enrolls for classes, the instructor commits a weekly time for the lessons for the duration of the session. Because the instructor's annual income is dependent on these fees, it is not possible to offer refunds for missed lessons. Lessons which are cancelled by the instructor will be made up at a mutually agreeable time, or a refund will be given. All other lessons which are cancelled by the student, for whatever reason, will not be refunded or made up.

Yolanda Postma

Payment of Term Fees

        All fees must be paid in advance. Payment may be made by e-transfer or by cheque. Please make cheques payable to Yolanda Postma. For your convenience you are urged to leave post-dated cheques (before the last lesson of the previous session).


       For current rates, please email Yolanda Postma directly.

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